Rewards & Recognition
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Award from Macmillan India in 2005  
Best Service Award from Saps Labs in 2006
Best service provider Award from Talisma in 2007 
Award for best support from Symbian in 2007
Award from CERNER in 2007 
Appreciation for bringing world class talent to Connect M (Joint Venture of Sasken & IDG) 2009
Appreciation for excellent services from Symphony - 2010

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In spite of the fact IT market is down for the past couple of months, We have observed Telecom, Networking and product based companies are still hiring big time.
Working with Teamworks is always a delight. We have been able to produce professional level Human Resources support for our employees across a wide range of tasks and issues. "
“Teamworks has provided my Company with professional advice on various employment issues over a few years now and has also provided various employment documents that are easy to understand and use that suit my Company's needs. It is nice to know that you can just pick up the phone and get practical, helpful and friendly advice when you need it."
"Teamworks provided a quick, good value solution to our HR needs."
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